Are you sure you are Investing right?

March 2, 2023

Imagine if some random person you have never met wants to borrow your car, what would you do? You would first check to see if they have a driver’s license, then check to see if he’s insured, maybe check his driving record? You would make sure this stranger is qualified and able to take care of your possession. If it was me, I would ask how he plans on paying for not just using my car, but any potential accidents. I would want to check every possible angle for losing money. The same is with filling your investment home with a tenant.

There is a mutual fear I see when owning a rental property, “Will the right tenant be placed in my home?” It is a valid concern that is not addressed enough in the property management industry. Smart real estate investors know that many factors are considered when purchasing the right property. This includes timing, repairs, low maintenance, choosing a hot market, etc. When investing your hard earned money into a business, you expect to be presented with all information including a business plan, budget, costs, expected time of your ROI, etc. Investing requires your due diligence, and when you place your money in the right area, the returns can be substantial.

 So why am I bringing up investing? The second most important investment next to the structure of your property is… the TENANT! The tenant almost always is not treated like an “investment”. It wouldn’t make sense for you to spend all this money on property when you are just going to fill it with someone who won’t take care of it. This is when “If I rent out my home, how will I know it will be taken care of…” comes into play. The majority of property owners hire a property management company when they need them most, filling their place with a tenant, which makes choosing the company very important. If your tenant is an investment, then you cannot just rely on hiring a company to manage your property, but also make sure they have your best interest in mind when filling it with a tenant.

One Way Homes Property Management specializes in finding the right tenant, the first time. This doesn’t mean finding a tenant that will just pay rent, but one that will treat your house like their home. We have an extensive tool kit to make sure the tenant is chosen properly, while helping them understand it is a privilege to rent your unit. This starts with our screening process. We have teamed up with RentPerfect (ISC) to make sure we catch any current and past judgements or evictions before it’s too late. We check rental history, (You wouldn’t want to lend your car to someone who has been in 5 accidents in the last 2 years, right?) and make sure their past leases have been positive experiences for their previous landlords. In addition, we provide tools for the tenant to make sure they are set up for success while leasing and when they move out. Our formula is simple, happy tenant + professional property manager = successful property owner. We know we are professional, and we know we want you to be successful, so we focus more on the tenant than any other company out there, and that is a guarantee. We do not charge unnecessary admin fees at move in our spike up the monthly tax, this only frustrates the tenant more and your home hurts the most from this greedy action.

 Does this mean One Way Homes will eliminate all risk of repairs, evictions and unnecessary costs for you as an owner? Unfortunately no, but we are confident your risk is greatly slimmer when under our management. We treat all tenants as people, which entices them to stay longer and take care of your home. This makes you happy and proves to you we have your best interest in mind. There is no other service more personable than ours. Get the tools you need to succeed,

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